In recent years, an increasing number of municipalities, schools and businesses have been prompted by regulations and consumer demands to find alternatives to hazardous or high-maintenance recreation surfaces. Obsolete products such as concrete, shredded hardwood, pea gravel and asphalt are being replaced with bonded rubber surfaces that are safer, long-lasting, impervious to weather and aesthetically more diverse and colorful.

Playsafe Safety Surfaces are the ideal solution for safety and cleanliness in areas such as:

  • Playgrounds
  • Pool Areas
  • Pathways/Walkways
  • Recreational Facilities
  • Daycare
  • Water Splash Pads
  • Equestrian Facilities
  • Running Tracks
  • Jogging Trails
  • Synthetic Turf Fields
  • Locker Rooms
  • Walkways and Anti-Slip Areas
  • Safety Pads
  • Loose Fill for Landing Areas

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