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Playsafe Surfacing Foot Track 300 – Polyurethane Sandwich System with Broadcast EPDM Crumb Rubber Finish


Two layer sandwich system polyurethane track surface with a base layer consisting of black mat of SBR rubber granules bound by polyurethane. The surface layer of colored EPDM granules broadcast into a polyurethane coating. This layer is a sealant that makes the system impermeable and a resilient all weather surface. It is textured and used in both indoor and outdoor applications.


Base Mat
The rubber granules for the black paved base mat shall be recycled SBR rubber, processed and chopped to 1-3 mm in size, contain less than 4% dust and free of foreign debris.

EPDM Rubber
Rubber granules shall be man-made, containing a minimum of 20% peroxide cured EPDM, chopped, processed, have a specific gravity of 1.50 and chopped to 1-4 mm in size.

Prime Coat
Primer shall be a single component MDI based polyurethane specifically formulated to adhere to asphalt or concrete surfaces.

Polyurethane Binder
Black Base Mat: Binder for the Black base mat shall be a 100% MDI based single-component binding agent and solvent free. The binding agent must be specifically formulated for mixing with SBR rubber granules.
Black Base Mat Seal Coat: Formulated two-component pigmented polyurethane coating blended with 0.1 – 0.5 mm rubber granules designed for sealing black rubber base mats.
Wearing Layer: This layer consists of a two-component pigmented polyurethane coating compound.

Line Paints
Lane lines and event markings shall be polyurethane or latex paint compatible with the track surface.

Physical Properties

Density0.81 – 0.85
(ASTM D-1894) Shore A
(ASTM D-2632)
Tensile Strength
(ASTM D-412)
80 psi
Elongation at Break
(ASTM D-412)
Compression Set
(ASTM D-395)
10% @ 25 psi; 50% @ 270
Compression of recovery after 2 hours98-100%
Abrasion Resistance
(ASTM D-501)
0.25-0.425 grams loss after
Resistance to SpikesClass 1

Composition Mixture

Black Base Mat SBR Rubber Granules80% by weight
Polyurethane Binder20% by weight
Application TemperatureMin. 35 degrees F
Base Mat Sealer Coating Compounds55% by weight
SBR or EPDM Rubber Granules45% by weight
Wear Coat Coating Compound:
Part A1 part by volume
Part B1 part by volume

Surface Preparation

The asphalt or concrete base should be sufficiently cured and cleaned in order for work to progress. Recommended cure time is 14 days for asphalt and 28 days for concrete.


The surface shall be primed with approved manufacturer polyurethane primer using and airless spray machine. Application range is 0.28 pounds per square yard. Allow 20 – 30 minutes for solvent in the primer to evaporate before starting installation.

Base Mat

The black SBR rubber granules and polyurethane binding agent are blended together in a suitable mechanical mixer for a period of 2-3 minutes to insure proper coating of all rubber granules with the binder. The blended materials are then spread onto the asphalt base by means of a mechanical tandem leveler. The tandem leveler shall have a heated oscillating screed bar to obtain both smoothness and compaction. The heated screed bar normally works at a temperature of 158 – 176 degrees F. The laying procedure shall be bay to bay and limiting the length of the passes so as not to have any cold joints between the bays. Every day the traverse joint from the previous day shall be tack coated with binder to insure a good bond. The surface hardens through the reaction of the binder with humidity. Usually the surface can be walked upon the next day.

Base Seal Coat

The rubber granules are blended together and applied to the base mat using a stiff bladed squeegee.

Top Coat

The top coat is a massive flow application of the two component coating that is mixed together free of self leveling and ridges. Prior to initial set, colored EPDM rubber granules are broadcast with sufficient excess granules being applied to assist in the embedding process. All loose granules will be removed after the initial cure.


Painted lines and event markings shall be performed in conformance with the governing Track & Field regulations and shall include all lines and graphics required or directed by the owner. Compatible line paint in the desired colors shall be applied by means of an approved line striping machine capable of producing neat lines with sharp edges.


The contractor shall provide a written guarantee covering all workmanship and materials for a period of (5) five years from the date of final acceptance.

NOTICE: These specifications are merely guidelines for use by landscape architects, engineers and contractors. These specifications should be valuable to those who do not have extensive knowledge of synthetic running tracks. It will assist in maintaining high construction standards. Playsafe Surfacing, LLC, its agents and employees do not warrant the specifications as proper under all conditions.

These specifications were current at the time of publication but are subject to change at any time without notice. Please confirm the accuracy of these specifications with the manufacturer and/or distributor prior to installation.

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